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Heat Wave (Nikki Heat) - Richard Castle This is a tie in novel for the tv series Castle. The tv show, if you have not seen it, is about a popular mystery writer who shadows a NYPD detective to research a new book he is writing. When the second season starts, his book Heat Wave is released, and this is the same book. The book follows a journalist, Jameson Rook who is shadowing NYPD detective Nikki Heat for background on a story he is writing. Fans of the show will see many similarities between Rook and Heat, and Castle and Beckett. If you watch the show, you will recognize different bits of the novel's case as pulled from some of the tv show's cases, as you might expect. It also reads a bit like a self insertion piece, where Castle basically writes himself in as Rook, and lets him live out his (Castle's) fantasies a bit. Not that I'll fault him for it, since fans of the series who ship Beckett and Castle pretty much thought similar ideas. Its not a long book, and is an easy read. It has all the banter and some of the tension found in the tv series. It makes a nice way to fill the summer gap while waiting for the series to return. If you like the tv show, you should like this.

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