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The Witch's Daughter - Paula Brackston The whole "creation" tale was done a bit different than I'm used it (though I've not read that much in the way of witch or wiccan story lines). Instead of being just born into the skill, its more of a learned skill and gift from another.My favorite portions were those from Bess's past. Those flowed better for me, and the characters were more interesting. Even the stalker aspect that usually is a turn off for me in other books wasn't so off putting in this. But when those retellings ended and it rejoined the journal entries, it was more disjointed there, and had to readjust to the tone of the narration.Its not a bad read, but I just wasn't enthralled with it. I didn't want to read because I wanted to know what happened next, but more so for finishing on the library deadline. I really enjoyed reading The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane a heck of alot more

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